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Your child using the proper gear is instrumental in ensuring they have an enjoyable and comfortable experience. If you are unsure whether your child’s equipment is appropriate for this program please feel free to call us for clarification. If you are purchasing equipment, make sure that it is appropriate and will withstand high use and harsh environments that these programs take place in.

To purchase or hire equipment that meets these requirements please check out our Online Equipment Store.

Important Notes:

  • All necessary items of equipment must be taken and carried on the expedition.
  • YouthAdvance will supply each participant with a map set (1pp) and a compass (1pp) for use while on the program. The following fees apply for lost or damaged equipment: map cases $20.00, compass $55.00.
  • YouthAdvance will provide group equipment for shared use (as required) including kayaks, paddles, life jackets, dry bags, tarpaulins, ropes etc. Please be aware that if these shared equipment items are lost or stolen or damaged during the trip, the replacement costs will be passed onto the participant.
  • Cold and wet weather equipment/clothing is essential to ensure the safety of participants and must be carried, as the weather is variable.
  • Emergency communication and first aid equipment along with satellite tracking will be carried by each YouthAdvance staff member while on the program.



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