OPEN NSW Silver Prac/Qual PnP Dec 20-22

OPEN NSW Silver Prac/Qual PnP Dec 20-22

Event Phone: 02 9170 4655

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OPEN NSW Silver Prac PnP Dec 20-22show details + $495.00 (AUD)  
OPEN NSW Silver Qual PnP Dec 20-22show details + $495.00 (AUD)  

  • OPEN NSW Silver Prac/Qual PnP Dec 20-22
    December 20, 2021 - December 22, 2021
    7:00 am - 5:30 pm




YouthAdvance pride itself on developing challenging and rewarding adventurous journeys (AJs) for all participants. Our qualified and highly experienced Program Coordinators and Guides will work with you through the required preparation and training prior to your first AJ. They will teach you skills including navigation and camp craft on your practice expedition, and finally assess your skills on your qualifying expedition.

Our staff do not lead from the front, they mentor and instruct from the back of the group to ensure that you and your group have the opportunity to work as a team and make sound judgements based on your training and our staff’s leadership. You’ll be required to take responsibility and make decisions for yourself while under supervision from experienced and qualified outdoor professionals.


YouthAdvance create physically and mentally challenging expeditions for our participants. Each day, participants will hike the trails carrying their pack and all their own equipment. Students are encouraged to start training and develop their fitness in preparation for these physical requirements, including weekly walks carrying their pack and wearing their hiking boots/shoes.

All of our programs satisfy the time requirements of the AJ stipulated in The Award Handbook by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. In addition, we strive to make our AJs lots of fun as well as imparting knowledge on the Australian bush to help our participants make lasting memories, new friends and new experiences.


YouthAdvance’s partner company Remote Safety Solutions is a leading remote area risk and emergency management specialist. Safety is paramount for all of our AJs.

Emergency communication and first aid equipment along with satellite tracking will be carried by each YouthAdvance staff member while on the program.


  • Transport to and from the venue;
  • All camping and National Park/State Forest fees;
  • Instruction and supervision from our experienced and qualified outdoor educators;
  • Group communication devices i.e. InReach, EPIRBs and satellite phones;
  • Group remote area first aid kit;
  • Preliminary training;
  • On trip pre and post briefing;
  • Participant maps, map cases and compasses (1 per participant)
  • Kayaks, Personal Flotation Device (PFD), a paddle and dry bags (1 per participant)

PROGRAM OVERVIEW – Marramarra National Park, NSW

This Silver Pack and Paddle Adventurous Journey will run out of Marramarra National Park, just north of Berowra NSW. Marramarra covers rugged bushland, with dramatic sandstone cliffs and a variety of natural habitats. Marramarra is a fantastic hiking spot to get in touch with the elements and out in the Aussie bush navigating several ridgelines, creeks and other terrain features.

With the program starting at the entrance to Mooney Mooney, the first leg is on the water. Participants will make their way upstream around Milson Island and the Historic HMAS Parramatta that has come to rest on the northern shoreline of this part of the river. The towering Sydney sandstone cliffs above will provide a break from the breeze allowing participants to break while still rafting up. From there it’s down into Marramarra Creek, a gentle paddle which is rated as one of Sydney’s most scenic creek line paddles.

Day 2 will take the participants up onto the untracked ridgelines above Marramarra Creek. With some challenging navigation and sections that will require teamwork, participants will be rewarded with stunning views across the leg for Day 3. The route will then go through the “Jurassic Park” region, so-called due to the old-growth sub-tropic flora and then up and around several Indigenous sites.

Day 3 will see participants paddling downstream on the Marramarra Creek into the stunning sandstone cliff-lined valleys of Berowra Creek. A lunch stop on Bar Island will take participants back in time to the first fleet years, while they explore the old sites the island hides. From there its back on the water, cutting behind Milson Island back to Mooney Mooney.


All participants must be dropped off to YouthAdvance HQ: Unit 31 42-46 Wattle Street, Brookvale NSW.

DROP OFF: 7.00 am, Day 1, at YouthAdvance HQ.

PICK UP: 5.30 pm, Day 3, at YouthAdvance HQ.

If you are going to be late, please let us know on +61 487 003 440 so we don’t depart without you. Please ensure you monitor traffic conditions and that arrangements are made for a prompt drop off and pick up of participants.

NOTE: The expedition WILL NOT be postponed because of forecast “unsettled” weather. However, in the event of unseasonably bad weather, or if a weather warning is issued in the program venue, the expedition may be postponed ensuring the safety of our participants. You will be notified of this via email.

Please be aware that the program rundown may alter slightly, particularly drop off and pickup times, and these will be confirmed prior to each program via email.

DAY 1 Day 2 Day 3
7.00 am – Participants arrive at YA HQ 6.30 am – Participants prepare breakfast, break camp 6.30 am – Participants prepare breakfast, break camp
7.30 am – Bus departs for program location 7.30 am – Participants morning brief (P) 7.30 am – Participants morning brief (P)
9.00 am – Bus arrives at program location 8.00 am – Participants start Leg 2 hike route (P) 8.00 am – Participants start Leg 3 paddle route (P)
9.15 am – Participants morning brief and kayak pack out (P) 1.00 pm – Lunch 1.00 pm – Lunch
9.30 am – Participants start Leg 1 kayak route (P) 4.00 pm – Participants arrive at camp 2.30pm Participants arrive at end and pack in kayaks (P)
1.00 pm – Lunch 4.30 pm – Group debrief session (P) 3.30 pm – Group debrief session (P)
4.30 pm – Participants arrive at camp 5.00 pm – Participants setup camp, prepare dinner and night session on risk management 4.00 pm – Bus departs program location
4.30 pm – Group debrief session (P) 8.00 pm – Participants in tents 5.30 pm – Participants arrive at YA HQ
5.00 pm – Participants setup camp, prepare dinner and night session on risk management
8.00 pm – Participants in tents
(P) – Purposeful Activity 7.0 Hrs (P) – Purposeful Activity 7.0 Hrs (P) – Purposeful Activity 7.0 Hrs


Your child using appropriate gear is instrumental in ensuring that they have an enjoyable and comfortable experience – we cannot stress this enough! If you are unsure whether your child’s equipment is suitable, please contact us for clarification.

The full list of gear required can be found here – Equipment List

Please note the following items are mandatory and will be checked by guides on the morning of departure:

  • Sleeved shirt (for walking and paddling in) – no singlet tops
  • Waterproof Rain Jacket (preferable Gortex – no ponchos or wind breakers);
  • Sleeping bag suitable to the season of the year:
    • Winter – minus 5
    • Shoulder Season & Summer – zero rating;
  • Sleeping mat;
  • Second set of clothes stored inside waterproof bag (thermal top and bottom)
  • First aid and blister kit
  • 3L of water (3 x 1L water bottles)
  • Water purification tablets
  • Hat and sunscreen

For additional equipment, please refer to the following page on equipment for AJs (Equipment Resources). If you are hiring equipment, your order MUST be completed 5 days in advance of your programs.


Each participant will be responsible for planning, supplying and preparing their own meals for the duration of the hike. At least one day’s emergency rations should be carried by participants.

Additional information on meals, including sample menus and meal planning, will be sent to you following registration and is available here: (Meal Planning Resources). Pre-packaged meals are available for purchase here: (Meal Purchases)

NOTE: Pots and stoves are available for hire – YouthAdvance Store.

All participants must start with at least three full 1Litre water bottles. In dry weather periods, water can be difficult to source so this is a minimum amount. You are required to bring water purification tablets for this program.


As this is a NSW Open program, registered participants who are completing their PRACTICE AJ, will be required to complete the Online Preliminary Training work. To access and complete your Online Preliminary Training (OLP) you need to use this link –

In order to access the OLP you will need to create a new registration profile. To help you do this, we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to help you – (NOTE: Fast track the video to 1 minute)

The OLP is free and must be completed prior to your AJ, if not completed you will not be permitted to board the bus for this journey. This training program is a generic training system that will cover off the following competencies in the online preliminary training session.

  • Understanding of the AJ planned to be undertaken;
  • First aid and emergency procedures (relevant to the type of environment for the Journey);
  • Safety and safe practice;
  • Route planning and navigation (use of maps, compass/navigation aids or street/urban directories);
  • Camp craft/accommodation and hygiene;
  • Teamwork, problem-solving and leadership training;
  • Meal planning, preparation of food and cooking (options will be provided in the even of a total fire ban where cooking is not possible);
  • Environmental awareness and care;
  • Necessary equipment and how to use it;
  • Technical skills in the mode of travel (i.e. knot tying, tent repairs etc);
  • Observation and recording skills.

During your first morning on program, you will have further time to familiarise yourself with the maps and location of your AJ.


In order to partake in this Adventurous Journey, you are required to seek approval from your Award Leader on the Online Record Book BEFORE you get on the bus. This is a requirement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and YouthAdvance will be strongly enforcing this moving into 2021.

Please use the following details as your supervisor for your practise and assessor for your qualifier:

Supervisor/Assessor: YouthAdvance Guide

Phone: 02 8957 5428

Email: [email protected]


Supervisor and assessor sign-off will be completed in the ORB following your hike.

Once you have completed your qualifying journey award leader sign-off will occur when your AJ report has been submitted and uploaded into the documents section of the ORB. Please ensure that you use the appropriate template. Ensure you scroll to the bottom of the webpage and select the appropriate template related to your Duke of Ed level.

REGISTER FOR AJ NOW – Please select the “Register” button at the top of this webpage and follow the prompts.

Please note that the minimum number of participants for this program is 10. We will advise you if there are concerns about the program being postponed. 


Please note that terms and onions apply to this booking page. By processing this registration you acknowledge that you accept the Terms & Conditions.


If you have any questions, please contact our team at [email protected]


Venue Website:

45 Bloodwood Road, Fiddletown, New South Wales, 2159, Australia


Marramarra National Park is a one of the Hawkesbury’s best-kept secrets. It’s great for canoeing, kayaking, swimming, cycling, camping, bushwalking, picnicking and birdwatching.