Silver Hike Qual Dec 8-10

Silver Hike Qual Dec 8-10

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  • Silver Hike Qual Dec 8-10
    December 8, 2020 - December 10, 2020
    7:00 am - 5:30 pm



YouthAdvance pride ourselves on developing challenging and rewarding adventurous journeys for all participants. Our qualified and highly experienced Program Coordinators and Guides will work with you through the required preparation and training prior to your first Adventurous Journey, then teach you skills like navigation and camp craft on your practice expedition, and finally assess your skills on your qualifying expedition.

Our staff do not lead from the front, they mentor and instruct from the back of the group to ensure that you and your group have the opportunity to work as a team and make sound judgements based on your training and our staff’s leadership. You’ll be required to take responsibility and make decisions for yourself while under supervision from experienced and qualified outdoor professionals.


YouthAdvance create physically and mentally challenging expeditions for our participants. Each day, participants will hike or paddle up to 12 km carrying their pack and all their equipment. Students are encouraged to start training and develop their fitness in preparation for these physical requirements, including weekly walks carrying their pack and wearing their hiking boots/shoes.

All of our programs satisfy the time requirements of the Adventurous Journey stipulated in The Award Handbook by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. In addition, we strive to make our AJ’s lots of fun as well as imparting knowledge on the Australian bush to help our participants make lasting memories as well as new friends and new experiences.


YouthAdvance’s partner company Remote Safety Solutions is a leading remote area risk and emergency management  specialist. Safety is paramount for all of our Adventurous Journey’s. All of our risk management procedures, emergency planning and the routes will be provided to the school prior to the program.

Emergency communication and first aid equipment along with satellite tracking will be carried by each YouthAdvance staff member while on the program.


  • Transport to and from the venue;
  • All camping and national Park/State Forest fees;
  • Instruction and supervision from our experienced and qualified Outdoor Educators;
  • Group communication devices i.e. InReach, EPIRBs and satellite phones;
  • Group remote area first aid kit;
  • Preliminary Training;
  • On trip pre and post briefing;
  • Participant maps, map cases and compasses (1 per participant);

PROGRAM OVERVIEW – Turon National Park

This Silver Adventurous Journey will run out of Turon National Park, just west of Lithgow NSW. Turon is a fantastic hiking spot to get in touch with the elements and out in the Aussie bush. Students will be divided into small groups working as a team to successfully navigate the surrounding, often challenging, terrain. Using a number of ridge lines, creeks and other terrain features, our participants will navigate themselves across a challenging but rewarding route over the three days. To successfully complete the planned route, each participant will need to demonstrate determination, decision making, team work and a range of other skills to select and execute intelligent route planning through untracked natural terrain.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at this stage.


The below program rundown may alter slightly once the program locations are finalised, however the rundown, particularly drop off and pick up times, will be confirmed prior to each program.

7 am – Participants arrive at YouthAdvance HQ 6.15am – Participants wake up  6.15 am – Participants wake
7.30 am – Participants depart for Program Locations
6.30 am – Participants prepare breakfast & break camp
6.30 am – Participants prepare breakfast
10.30 am – Bus arrives at Program Location 7.30 am – Participants morning brief 7.00 am – Participants break camp
10.30 am – Participants morning brief 8.30 am – Participants start planned route 7.30 am – Participants morning brief
11.00 am – Participants start planned route 1.00 pm – Lunch 8.00 am – Participants start planned route
1.00 pm – Lunch 1.30 pm – Participants continue planned route 12.30 pm – Lunch
1.30 pm – Participants continue planned route 5.00 pm – Participants arrive at camp 1.00 pm – Participants continue planned route
5.00 pm – Participants arrive at camp 5.00 pm – Group debrief session 2.00 pm – Participants arrive at finish point
5.00 pm – Group debrief session 5.30 pm – Participants setup camp 2.15 pm – Group debrief session
5.30 pm – Participants setup camp 6.00 pm – Participants prepare dinner 2.30 pm – Bus departs program location
6.00 pm – Participants prepare dinner 7.00 pm – Free Time 5.30 pm – Participants arrive at YouthAdvance HQ for collection
7.00 pm – Free Time 7.30 pm – Night session – Discussion on Risk Management 
7.30 pm – Night session – Discussion on Risk Management  8.00 pm – Participants in tents
8.00 pm – Participants in tents
(P) – Purposeful Activity 7.0 Hrs (P) – Purposeful Activity 7.0 Hrs (P) – Purposeful Activity 7.0 Hrs


We will be using our bus to transport the participants to and from the program venue

Please drop off at the YouthAdvance Head Office, Unit 31/42-46 Wattle Road, Brookvale, NSW at 7.00am for a 7.30am departure

  • DROP OFF: 7.00 am at YouthAdvance Head Office on day 1
  • PICK UP: 5.30 pm at YouthAdvance Head Office on day 3

If you are going to be late, please let us know on +61 487 003 440 so we don’t depart without you. Please ensure you monitor traffic conditions and that arrangements are made for a prompt pick up of participants.

NOTE: The expedition WILL NOT be postponed because of a forecast of “unsettled” weather. However,  in the event of unseasonably bad weather, or if a weather warning is issued in the program venue, the expedition may be postponed to ensure the safety of our participants. You will be notified of this via email.


Your child using appropriate gear is instrumental in ensuring that they have an enjoyable and comfortable experience – we CANNOT stress this enough! If you are unsure whether your child’s equipment is suitable, please contact us for clarification.

Please refer to the following page for additional information on Equipment for Adventurous Journeys (Equipment Resources). If you are hiring equipment, your order MUST be completed 5 days in advance of your programs.

**PLEASE NOTE that at the moment with COVID-19, in order to mitigate the potential for spread of the virus, YouthAdvance will be providing single tents only and packs for hire per program and will maintain vigorous cleaning procedures between programs. Tents and packs are available on the hire equipment page so please either book in to hire one of ours or source your own. Further, unless participants reside in the same household or special provisions are given by parents and/or the school, there will be NO tent SHARING between participants. 


Each participant will be responsible for planning, supplying and preparing their own meals for the duration of the hike. At least one day’s emergency rations should be carried by participants.

Additional information on meals including sample menus and meal planning is available here: (Meal Planning Resources). Pre-packaged meals are available for purchase here: (Meal Purchases)

**Please be aware that there will be no stoves or pots available due to COVID-19. Students may choose to bring their own cooking equipment OR they can plan a non-cooking meal instead. 

All participants should start with at least three full 1 Litre water bottles (this will be in your kayak if a PnP). In dry weather periods, water can be difficult to source so this is a minimum amount.


Leading up to the program date, you will be sent a link to Operoo (CareMonkey) to setup a profile. If we do not have a profile that is up to date (within 2 months), your child will not be permitted to board the bus. Setting up a profile if you don’t have one should only take a few minutes.

We use Operoo (CareMonkey) to collect medical information about each participant. Please take the time to fill in this form accurately and honestly in each of the data fields. Accurate medical data is important in the event of an unseen medical emergency occurring while on the program.


Please select the “Register” button next to your preferred dates and follow the prompts.


If you have any questions, please contact our team at [email protected]



Near Lithgow, 185km west of Sydney, Turon National Park is great for remote bushwalking and camping, trout fishing, birdwatching, swimming, mountain biking or canoeing.