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YouthAdvance Meal and Water Recommendations


Each participant is responsible for planning, supplying and preparing their own meals for the duration of their program. At least one day’s emergency rations should be carried by participants. To aid participants with putting together an appropriate meal plan, we’ve complied a variety of resources that we believe will be very helpful. It is important to carry food for snacking close to hand in your pack. Items such as scroggin (trail mix), fruit and jerky are excellent options for high and long lasting energy, rather than sugary snacks that provide a burst of energy that fades quickly. Think about how you will pack your food. Remember all packages and containers have to be carried out. Think outside the box in terms of taking items in with you to reduce the amount of rubbish you will have to carry with you. Remember that in some periods of the year, such as Summer, when there are fire bans in place – a stove will not be permitted for use. As such, you may need to consider food options that do not require cooking. Your guides will help you with ideas in the preliminary training sessions. Check out our blog (link at the bottom of the page) for non-cooking meal options as well. Please be aware that ALL adventurous journeys are NUT FREE. This means that NO NUTS should be brought on any trip with Youth Advance.


Participants will need to start with at least 3 Litres of water. During dry weather periods, water can be difficult to source so this is a minimum amount. Extra water will be provided at the campsites, where this is possible. It is mandatory that participants purchase and take with them water purification tablets. This means that water from creeks and streams will be suitable for drinking once it has been purified. All programs require these in case of an emergency, even if fresh water can be provided at the campsite.




For more great food options, take a look at our Blog! If you have any great meal suggestions that you would like to share, email them through to us and we can put together an article on your behalf!

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