Our Participants


Our Participants

YouthAdvance currently have over 400 participants completing their Award through one of our Award Centres.

While most of these participants are based in NSW where our head office is located, we are seeing growth in ACT, South Australia and have in 2022 pushed into Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania!

YouthAdvance was formed in 2018, rolling out both our Open Award Centres (OAC) and Client Award Centres (CAC) in NSW and we have grown and expanded since that time. YouthAdvance is Australia’s first independent National Award Centre open to all young Australians. YouthAdvance is Australia’s leading youth development organisation solely focused and dedicated in the delivery of the Award here in Australia.

Our goal is to ensure the growth of the Award around Australia to enable all young Australians to become #WorldReady.

If you want to participate in the Award or find out more about this amazing program, click below:

Open Award Centre

YouthAdvance has a goal to offer the Award to as many young Australians as possible. As an Open Award Centre (OAC), this means that the Award is Open to Everyone! 

Client Award Centre

All-inclusive service where YouthAdvance provides all administration, logistics, compliance checks and Award support for the students including the Adventurous Journey