Become a School Partner

Offer the Duke of Ed in your school without any of the admin work

YouthAdvance Australia prides itself on being able to partner with schools across Australia by providing support services and logistics so that the school is able to deliver the Award to their students without effort.

Our support services are designed to maximise participant completion rates and increase engagement, whilst decreasing the workload to schools and teachers associated in co-ordinating the Award.


YouthAdvance Australia’s mission is to provide opportunities to young Australians which will challenge and reward them through active engagement, personal pursuits and community-based projects. The Duke of Ed Award is one such opportunity and YouthAdvance helps to facilitate this by providing a safe framework that takes our Participants outside their comfort zone.

We want to help schools to help their students be more confident, passionate, skilled and well-rounded individuals. Give your students a headstart in life – partner with us to offer The Award – make your students #WORLDREADY

What Does It Mean to be a School Partner?

Becoming a school partner means that you get the benefit of the Award into your school to all students in Year 9-Year 12. You can also promote that you offer this prestigious Award (under the auspice of YouthAdvance) which is a big tick for prospective parents due to its advancements in opportunities for university and employment.

  • There is no cost, no risk and no liability to the school.
  • All the administration, logistics and support for the students including the Adventurous Journey programs is done by YouthAdvance.
  • We only require a liaison at the school to assist with promotion of the Award internally and working dates around your calendar.

All fees for this service are paid for directly by the Participants, and the participants sit under our Award Centre licence and insurance. It is run externally to the school.

Why it Works

YouthAdvance Average Completion Rate

Bronze 84%

Silver 62%

Gold 56%

Levels of Support

YouthAdvance offers three levels of support to schools to choose from

Full Award Services

All-inclusive service where YouthAdvance provides all administration, logistics, compliance checks and Award support for the students including the Adventurous Journey

Award Admin Services

Administration only support to schools that are happy to run the Award through their school, however, still require assistance with the administrative tasks.

Adventurous Journey Support

We can assist with the planning and administration of your Adventurous Journeys, create new AJs, provide qualified guides or help.