Award Setup

Welcome to YouthAdvance!

Thank you for registering with YouthAdvance Australia – An Open Award Centre For The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia. We’re excited to have you on board! On this page, we have listed the next steps for you to complete in order to finalise your registration and get you started on your Award.

Your 6 Steps to Starting Your Award…

You will need to register for a new account on the Online Record Book. The ORB is where you will log all the hours you undertake for each activity. For instructions on how to sign-up, click HERE. If you are a TRANSFER PARTICIPANT, please CALL US so we can discuss the process. If you are transferring MID-LEVEL, this will incur an additional fee (on top of the registration fee).


OPEN AWARD PARTICIPANTS – Give our friendly staff a call to discuss your ideas for the Award and to understand how to complete the paperwork. We know it can be a bit tricky and we are here to help. We are typically in the office: Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm.

CLIENT AWARD PARTICIPANTS – Keep an eye on your email, your Award Leader will be in contact shortly with further details including the date of your first Award Setup meeting at school

+61 2 8957 5428

Jump on Facebook and Instagram and give YouthAdvance Australia a LIKE. We use social media to share ideas and important information to Participants. We also STRONGLY recommend you request to join our “Parent and Participant” Facebook group. This is used to get details out about our AJs as well as important tips for the ORB and activities.

Before commencing your award, we need you to fill in a few documents to give us an idea of which activities you wish to complete as part of your Award and who your assessor will be. These documents are outlined below and include the Participant Award Plan (PAP) and Assessor Commencement Guide (ACG). To access the full list of documents that need to be completed click HERE.

You can only commence an Award activity AFTER your Award Leader has approved the Assessor!

4.A Participant Award Plan (PAP)

This document is to be completed and returned to your award leader. This document gives your award leader an indication of your intended activities and who your assessors are. To access the PAP, click HERE. NOTE: Assessor’s are not required to sign this document. Skill, Service and Physical Recreation are the most important to have planned. YouthAdvance will help you to plan your Adventurous Journey at a later date.

4.B Assessor Commencement Guides (ACG)

This is a compulsory document that must to be completed by each of your Assessors or Supervisors and returned to your Award Leader. The ACGs are slightly different for the different States. Please click on the following link and choose the ACG appropriate for your State – here. This document must be completed by ALL your Assessors (including your Adventurous Journey Assessor if this is being completed externally).

Completed documents

When participants set up their goals in the Online Record Book for each for their activities, they MUST follow the SMART Goal Method. The goal MUST be descriptive and provide insight into the activity they are undertaking. NO ONE LINE SENTENCES! Click HERE for a great website to help you understand SMART goals.

Achieving your Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an adventure from beginning to end and YouthAdvance Australia can give you some of your most memorable experiences! Our Duke of Ed Adventurous Journeys are designed to challenge you and provide you with a sense of achievement. We provide both school-specific programs, or Open programs for individuals participating outside of a school. We also hold our AJs throughout the school holidays and during the school term so no matter what your schedule or your situation, YouthAdvance has a program to suit your adventurous side. Open Award Centre Participants can book directly via our AJ program page. School-Specific Program Participants will be advised during school meetings on how to book. NOTE – As of 1st of February 2019, all YouthAdvance Participants who wish to undertake their AJs externally to YouthAdvance will be required to complete the External Adventurous Journey Providers (EAJP) AJ Request Application Form. This is due to our responsibility and priority to ensure that the organisations our participants engage with are fulfilling their duties to ensure safety and abide by the award requirements. The lodgement of the EAJP will incur a $55.00 administration fee payable per participant, per program.

Your primary contact at YouthAdvance will be your Award Leader. It’s important that you contact your Award Leader so they can answer any questions you may have, alternatively Jacqui our admin assistant is also available. Jacqui’s details are below.

Award Leader: Your YouthAdvance Award Leader is responsible for the following:

  • General Questions/Concerns regarding your Award
  • Adventurous Journeys
  • Equipment Hire/ Purchases

They are contactable:

  • Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

Email: NSW: [email protected] ACT: [email protected] SA: [email protected] Office Phone: +61 2 8957 5428

Award Admin Assistance: Please contact Jacqui Harvey for any questions relating to:

  • Social Media
  • ORB
  • Award Documents
  • Goal Setting

Jacqui is typically contactable (although hours may vary from week to week):

  • Monday, 12pm-5pm
  • Tuesday, 9am-12pm
  • Thursday, 9am-5pm

Email:  [email protected] Office Phone: +61 02 8957 5428


Again, we thank you for choosing YouthAdvance as your Award Centre, remember we are here to help so you can gain the most out of the Award. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting us!