Award Setup

Thank you for registering with YouthAdvance. We are excited to have you on board! On this page, we have listed the next steps for you to complete in order to finalise your registration and get you started on your Award.


Step 1: Activities

There are 3 sections that you need to choose. You can have up to 3 activities per section.

  • Physical Recreation – any activity where you sweat
  • Skill – this can be something you already do or something you have wanted to try
  • Service – give back to your sporting, school or local community
  • Once you know, you will add these to the ORB in Step 3.
Activity Ideas:
Physical Recreation Skills Service
Explore More >> Explore More >> Explore More >>

Step 2: Assessors

You must select an adult supervisor to assess each of your chosen activities

  • This is usually a teacher/coach/supervisor who will oversee your progress on each activity
  • Your assessor needs to have some experience in the activity as well as a valid Work With Children Check for their state. A family member is unable to be your assessor.
  • Please speak to your Assessors about overseeing your Activities, and ask them for their best email address (please ensure this is correct)
  • Click on this link: Assessor ACG Request email and submit the form, which will send an automatic email to the Assessor asking them to complete the ACG form.
  • Once an Assessor has completed their ACG form (you will receive an automated email)
  • You will use this information for the ORB assessor details in Step 3.

!!! DO NOT move onto Step 3 until you have an email from your assessor advising they have completed the above form

Paper Assessor Document – If your assessor has completed a Paper ACG form or a VCOC Form, please upload the signed copy to the FILES tab in your Online Record Book at Step 3 under the relevant section.


Step 3: Online Record Book

You will need to register for a new account on the Online Record Book (ORB) in order to set up your activities and log hours.

  • You can sign up for an ORB account using our detailed instructions  HERE
  • Setup each activity that you have chosen (from Step 1) with the details, assessor information (from Step 2) and a goal
  • Ensure your goal is S.M.A.R.T and also detailed – check out how to write a S.M.A.R.T Goal HERE
  • Press Setup and it will be sent to YouthAdvance for approval
  • You will need to pay for the State Registration Fee at this step (NSW, SA, ACT)

Note: If your assessor hasn’t completed their form when you complete Step 3, we will revise your activity until they have completed the form. If your goal is not S.M.A.R.T, we will revise your activity until you update it.


Step 4: Start Logging Hours

Once your activity is approved by your Award Leader, you will be able to log hours

  • Log the hours that you do (i.e. if you practice for 2 hours, log 2 hours even though the ORB will only recognise 1 of the hours)
  • Put detail and evidence in your logs and don’t cut and paste them. Explain what you did/how you felt in that session. If your logs are not detailed enough, your Award may not be approved
  • Evidence in logs can include photos, audio recordings, videos, screenshots etc

Step 5: Adventurous Journeys

The final step is to work out your Adventurous Journey (AJ) – you will need to complete both a Practice and a Qualifying journey. You can complete these as separate camps, or as a ‘Back-to-Back’ Journey in one.

  • YouthAdvance design AJs to challenge you and provide you with a sense of achievement – they are lots of fun
  • Our OPEN programs are for any student in our Award Centre to complete and they are a great way to meet new people
  • School specific AJs will be advised by your Award Leader – try and book on your school camp, rather than an Open Camp is you are a School Partner

Any YouthAdvance participant who wishes to undertake their AJs externally to YouthAdvance will be required to complete an External AJ Request form. This is to ensure the programs are fulfilling their duties to ensure safety to our participants and that the program meets Award requirements. This will incur a $55 administration fee per participant, per program.